This is the Recommendation for Beautiful Tourist Places in Lembata

This is the Recommendation for Beautiful Tourist Places in Lembata – Usually, many people spend time on vacation or there is free time on vacation with people they love. One of the most visited places when the holidays arrive is the island. Lomblen Island in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) apparently offers a variety of exotic natural charms. There are several interesting places that must be visited if you go there. Lomblen, which is Lembata Regency, has a lot of natural beauty, ranging from underwater panoramas, clusters of hills to underwater mountains.

This is the Recommendation for Beautiful Tourist Places in Lembata

1. Lamalera Fishing Village
Lamalera is the only village in NTT that has whale hunting skills.
For them, whale hunting is a local wisdom as well as an effort to maintain the stability of the economic life of the people there. This has survived beckaclark to this day.
This village in the south of Lembata is located in the Wulandoni sub-district. To get there you have to travel three hours from the city of Lewoleba.

2. Ile Lewotolok Volcano
Although it seems dangerous, this volcano is a new option for tourist destinations in the Lembata area.
Since the eruption on November 29, 2020 until now, the mountain with a height of 1423 meters above sea level has never neglected to throw incandescent lava every night.
This event attracted the attention of many people so that not a few people took advantage of the moment to take pictures with the background of incandescent lava.

To get there, visitors only need twenty minutes from the city center or from Wunopito Airport to Ile Ape sub-district.

3. Bukit Cinta Lembata (BCL)
If you like trekking or nature tourism from a height, please go to Bukit Cinta Lembata (BCL).
BCL offers fantastic views of the savanna, as well as the calm blue stretch of the sea between two headlands, Waijarang and Boleng.
Just so you know, in August or the dry season, BCL is even more attractive because it offers a natural panorama with grasslands and brown soil.

To get there, visitors only need 20 minutes from the city of Lewoleba.

4. Prayer Hill
There is another unique thing about the natural tourism panorama, namely Prayer Hill.
It is located next to BCL. However, the natural scenery is no less interesting. Not to mention you are presented with a statue of the Virgin Mary with a height of 100 meters.